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Xavier Vranken


Stijn Kuijpers


Peter Beckers


Kurt Lantin


Rich Vanderhoven


Star Industry from Belgium started their career more than 20 years ago. Back in 1997 they released their debut CD “Iron Dust Crush”. This album contained their massive clubhit “Nineties”. This song was a dancefloor filler all over the world.

In their first years Star Industry played all over Europe and shared the stage on festivals with bands like Sisters of Mercy, Marlyn Manson, Front 242, Nightwish, Fields of the Nephilim, The Prodigy, Echo and the Bunnymen, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Praha Khan, The Human League, HIM, Killing Joke, …

In 1999 was the release of the “New Millennium E.P.” followed by a full CD “Velvet”. They played M’era Luna for the first time and went to Wave & Gothic Treffen for the second time. This album also reached the USA and China. In 2007 Star Industry released “Last Crusades”. This Album was the breakthrough and it got a lot of positive reactions all over the world. They went to play Europe, China and the USA.

During that tour “black angel/white dEVIL – live in Madrid” was recorded.

In 2014 the band released a new E.P. called “Eylene”, followed in 2015 by a full album “The Renegade”. This brought the band to bigeer stages and bigger festivals. They toured the USA again and went to Mexico. Working in the studio, there will be a new CD and an album on vinyl soon.

Star Industry

Played on a lot of BIG festivals such as:

  • M’era Luna (Germany)
  • Wave & Gotik Treffen (Germany)
  • Lumous festival (Finland)
  • NCN Leipzig (Germany)
  • Dour Festival (Belgium)
  • Eurorock (Belgium)
  • Castle Party Festival (Poland)
  • W-Festival (Belgium)
  • Summer Darkness (Netherlands)
  • WGW (Whitby UK)
  • Bram Stoker Film Festival (Whitby UK)
  • Gotham (London UK)
  • Gothic Festival (Waregem Belgium)
  • Black Easter Festival (Belgium)
  • Rewind Fest (Belgium)
  • Carnival of Souls (UK)
  • Invocation (UK)
  • Burgrock (Germany)
  • Rock Waregem (Belgium)
  • Porto Gothic Fest (Portugal)
  • Angra Rock (Azores Portugal)