LAST CRUSADES Limited edition

  1.  Lost GenerationLast Crusades 2CD Star Industry
  2.  Pray
  3.  Forever
  4.  Out of My Head
  5.  Sin
  6.  Last Crusades
  7.  The Return of David Gun
  8.  Substitudes
  9.  The Spirits Within
  10.  Fall from Grace
  1.  Lost Generation (Vivelafête Remix)
  2.  Out of My Head (Leather Strip Remix)
  3.  Last Crusades (Implant Remix)
  4.  Forever (Luc Van Acker Remix)
  5.  The Return of David Gun (Berlin Mix)
  6.  Nineties (Remastered)
  7.  Heart Man Angel (Single Edit)
  8.  City of Light
  9.  Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)
  10.  Last Crusades (Video)
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