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Next Concert:
24 August 2024


New show confirmed!!!
Star Industry will play at Café Congé on August 28 in Bilzen-Belgium.
It’s a free concert at the Brugstraat.
Star Industry will take the stage next summer at the W festival in Ostend on August 23-25, 2024.
You can see the band perform as co-headliner on the Batcave stage on Saturday 24th of August 2024.

Tickets and info: https://w-festival.com

A Strange Play - Tribute to The Cure
Star Industry is delighted to announce that they contributed once again to the new tribute compilation to THE CURE “A Strange Play Vol. 2”, released and distributed by Alfa-Matrix.
After a short search, the band chose the unobvious song “One Hundred Years”.
But during pre-production it quickly became clear that this song represented the 80’s new wave sound that the band is so connected to.
Official release date of this DCD compilation is 23rd June 2023, but you can pre-order your copy as from now at


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